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Corporate Headshots

For Corporate Headshots we can offer a variety of styles:

  • White background
    • this has the advantage of allowing us to totally remove the background and making the photo transparent, great for overlaying onto websites, documents, applying to different coloured backgrounds or images/logo’s etc
  • Environmental
    • so showing your office, logo or other area behind the subject

We provide them in 2 formats JPG and PNG – They’re also provided in a format to allow various crops for different purposes e.g. LinkedIn this also means that they’ll suit different aspect rations, e.g. square 4×3 etc

How does it work?

  • We come to your location with some equipment, backgrounds, softboxes, lights etc.
  • We set this up to suit your shoot
  • Invite your employees/teams into the shoot (we suggest you secure permission ahead of the shoot)
    • take some images
    • check with them on the back of the camera what we’ve shot
  • pack up the gear
  • we then share the images after editing, on Memory Stick, WeTransfer, Email, FTP etc

What about copyright?

What can I use the images for?

  • Websites, documents, presentations, marketing, LinkedIn profiles – whatever you choose

How long will it take to edit/Process my images?

  • This will depend on the number taken, normally though, less than a week