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Goodwood 80th Members Meeting April 2023

A fabulous weekend of petrol, racing and classic/vintage cars, oh and bikes. Goodwood in Chichester was utterly stunning in the early spring sun.


I took a lot of photo’s and some video too, so I’ve tried to arrange them into logical sections based on races etc, I may well have got them wrong! So please let me know if I did


As each section has quite a few photo’s use the “Load More” button to see more, I’ve given an indication of how many photos each section has




Bentley Demo - 13 Photos
Brabham BT52 - 24 Photos
S.F. Edge Trophy - 248 Photos

Returning after a year’s break, the bonkers fight for pre-war ‘specials’ is back for a pair of short, sharp sprints. These cars were first made back in the very early days of motoring, and raced on make-shift circuits around Britain over a century ago. Expect to see Goodwood legends including the Fiat S76 “Beast of Turin” . We had the pleasure of speaking to Neil  Gough owner and driver in this competition of of the 1911 K-R-I-T and James Baxter owner/driver of the 1913/16 8.2 litre Oakland Romano

Trofeo Nuvolari - 60 Photos

This race should see cars from the likes of Alfa Romeo, Bugatti and Delahaye racing.

Jim Clark Trophy - 142 Photos

It’s 60 years since the launch of the Lotus Cortina hence the Jim Clark Cup

Hailwood Trophy - 34 Photos

The Hailwood Trophy sees 250cc and 350cc Grand Prix motorbikes from before 1984 racing alongside a fleet of Formula 750 bikes from before 1973. The overall winner will claim the Hailwood Trophy while the Sheene Trophy goes to the first four-stroke bike to cross the line.

Porsche - 63 Photos
Tony Gaze Trophy - 64 Photos

Tony Gaze Trophy comprises cars that raced between 1948 and 1954, the first flourishes of the Goodwood Motor Circuit’s racing life.

Gordon Spice Trophy - 85 Photos

Goodwood’s race for Group 1 Touring cars from 1972 to 1980 returns,  renamed in honour of Gordon Spice, who passed away in 2021. Spice was one of the greatest figures in touring car racing throughout the 1970s, and is closely linked with the Ford Capri, also a major star of this race.

Threlfall Cup - 78 Photos

Threlfall Cup, a race for front-engined Formula Junior cars

Gurney Cup - 207 Photos

The Gurney Cup made its debut back at the 76th event, featuring  V8 machines such as the Shelby Daytona Cobra, Ford GT40s, McLaren M1As and more