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Lytham 1940’s Weekend



We popped up to Lytham for the 1940’s Weekend, saw and met some amazing people, really great weekend once the weather picked up. Some fantastic performers too.


A Huge thank you and Well Done to Tim Dixon and the Team at Fylde Council for putting on such a stunning event. These events are exhausting for everyone putting them on, from bar staff, cleaning, First Aid crews, Audio people and everyone involved you should be really proud that it all went without a hitch.

If you see yourself in any images and you’d like a copy, hover over it and get the image number (ignoring the 5120 part) and email me at and I’ll endeavour to send them across


Also, if you enjoy the images here, you may also like the shots from the Battle of the Atlantic 80th over here


Jeannie-Lou Vintage Style Ladies
Spirit of the Home Front

This group of people are literally keeping alive the Spirit of the Home Front see

ReInvintaged Fashion Show - Saturday 19th August 2023

Fashion through the 20’s-40’s with Reinvintaged see

The Lancashire Belle

Jane the Lancashire Belle see made a number of fabulous appearances singing 1940 classics to an appreciative audience

Lancashire Belle - Bring me Sunshine

Paula Marie - The Vintage Vocalist

Paula’s an amazing vocalist in the true 1940’s style that entertained the crowds both days and lead the rousing final performance in the main tent see her website here

The Bluebirds

The Bluebirds (see and Trio kept the main tent entertained with plenty of dancers taking advantage of their songs

The Bluebellbirds UK - Straighten Up

BluebirdsUK - Long way to Tipperary

The Mussel Tank Dancers

Down at the Mussel Tank there was dancing with lots of people in period clothing, really great fun to watch, maybe one day I’d be able to dance like this?????

General Photos

Some general photos of the event with some very interesting characters

Colin Bourdiec Vintage Variety Artist

Colin’s a very versatile artist and also played host/MC for this fantastic event, you can find out more about Colin here

Winston Churchill AKA Derek Herbert

Winston was wandering around greeting people over the couple of days of the event, he also gave word for word excerpts from some key speeches, rousing the corwd in the tent for the grand finale. You can see more about Derek here 

Hurricane Flyby

Sadly we either missed the flyby on Saturday or it was cancelled. Sunday’s fly by was spectacular as you can imagine, the Merlin engine note is so evocative with multiple passes, a Victory Roll too, but didn’t have a particularly long lens -just the 70-200 so sadly not the best shots