Rebecca Thomson brings you Realigned Yoga.

Yoga found me 2006 - “thank you” to the beautiful Alison Colyer founder of 'Blissful Living'. She helped me fall in love with the practice. Since qualifying my m my YTT in 2014 I have only moved forwards & chosen too learn more anatomy based teaching skills mainly focusing on how to prevent our body’s from ageing. My findings through my training have only fuelled my purpose to share this gift to help people achieve healthier minds through dynamic & intelligent movement.

I am passionate about helping people achieve a better self both body & mind. My aim is to help people build a healthier relationship with your body and mind and for us all to live a life being kind to yourself and appreciating and loving yourself. I guide people through my classes to help them let go of negativity and judgement to self and others whilst accepting where you are NOW.

“We are more than our physical & our minds…I believe our soul is what truly defines us. We are energy, what we give out we will attract, through pain we can find beauty & realisation of a higher consciousness. I choose GRATITUDE as it will become your attitude, searching & living with love is the journey I am on….. so why not join me ?”

How Did I arrive at this Point?

The reason why I say 'Yoga found me', is because around 10 years ago I developed an eating disorder and have always struggled with my inner self confidence and awareness.
I am immensely grateful for my supportive family and friends who helped me with my road to recovery. In late 2013 I began a journey of self discovery which started in Melbourne, Australia where i stayed with my fairy godmother. From Melbourne I was extremely lucky having a month in Hong Kong staying with my brother and sister-in-law who are both inspiring teachers, I then took a leap of faith and travelled to Bali where I studied and qualified my yoga teacher training with 'Santosha Yoga' June 2014'.
Since then I am now a proud wife and mummy of my little daughter and have taken the step to dedicate my time to sharing and teaching my passion for yoga.
I have always been an active person, since my illness exercise has had a positive affect not just physically but mentally too. Yoga has increased my self confidence and taught me the connection with my mind and body helping me feel more balanced and aware of myself and others.

reAligned Yoga is a more physical fitness based yoga practice combining ashtanga & vinyasa yoga (occasionally yin yoga) together for a more challenging/dynamic powerful practice.
It will improve & maintain your overall physical and mental strength *with an emphasis on your core through a set of strong, static postures to strengthen, tone and elongate your body combined with a more physical, dynamic, HITT style practice to increase your stamina, maximize performance giving you more range of movement (ROM).
...Helping you find the potential you didn't know you had!!
Additional benefits :
Mental focus
Weight management
Improves digestion
Maintain/ gain more flexibility
Self appreciation
Injury prevention
Improves concentration
**Suitable for all regardless of age, fitness, strength or level as I am a very dynamic teacher able to offer alternative postures/movements.

Namaste x