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Video Editing

We cover both Video Editing and Videography (see the videography page) so we can edit video, so what can we add?

  • Motion Graphics
    • Call Outs
    • Titles
    • Credits
  • Sound
    • Voice Overs
    • Music
    • Sound FX
    • Still photograph slideshows

Including Top Gear, Star Trek (yes Really!), Bourne Identity, Monty Python

For more commercial styles of editing with Callouts and other motion graphics, see below examples:



Stylish slideshows comprised of still shots and/or movies together with overlaid texts

Another example

Call Outs

Call outs are animations that can move with the important explanatory notes


The credits/titles can be animated/motion graphics)


Overlays  can be Music, voiceover or both

Also logos again these can be animated, perhaps watermarks?

Short example below
Intro with After Effects