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Video Editing

We cover both Video Editing and Videography (see the videography page) so we can edit video, so what can we add?

  • Motion Graphics
    • Call Outs
    • Titles
    • Credits
    • Intros
    • Logo Reveals
  • Sound
    • Voice Overs
    • Music
    • Sound FX

Still photograph slideshows


Spoof videos including Top Gear, Star Trek (yes Really!), Bourne Identity, Monty Python

For more commercial styles of editing with Callouts and other motion graphics, see below examples:

Logo Reveal
Logo Reveal
Wedding Slideshows

Another wedding slideshow intro

Slideshows of Images

Stylish slideshows comprised of still shots and/or movies together with overlaid texts

Party slideshow quick fire

Model Portfolio shoot

Another model portfolio slideshow

Comedy duo slideshow from shoot

Model Portfolio slideshow

Call Outs

Call outs are animations that can move with the important explanatory notes


The credits/titles can be animated/motion graphics)

Overlays  can be Music, voiceover or both

Also logos again these can be animated, perhaps watermarks?

Short example below
Intro with After Effects

We put together some slideshows of images from the day with memorable introductions see below